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Hello Good Morning: Dear. God. I think I want to have a premiere party at my apartment. You’re all invited.

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iTunes exclusive five song EP coming August 7… Sadly (though funny to me) the title is pretty much the truth. Four in studio acoustic performances and the track “Go Easy On Me” from the Born and Raised sessions. A little something for all your support and patience.

I’m about to enter the prep/surgery/recovery wormhole next week (edit: surgery at the end of August) , but I’m excited to get back to it next year. Hope you’re all having a great summer. 




This is my George Costanza tattoo done by Paul Aherne in Spilled Ink, Dublin. It’s my seventh tattoo and he did an amazing job, I’m such a huge Seinfeld fan. I just need George on me everyday to remind me that no matter how bleak things look, something as good as Seinfeld exists. And that always makes my day better. (Say hello/propose to me at

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